Black bear killed near Hyak on Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is infamous for its traffic, and I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass is no exception. Sadly, a black bear attempting to cross the busy highway near Hyak on Sunday morning didn’t make it: the 250-pound male was killed by a vehicle in the eastbound lanes after reportedly navigating westbound traffic (see photo below). The vehicle immediately drove away, and the bear’s carcassĀ  was collected by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife–which will use the hide for classroom education. I-90 Wildlife Watch received several other reports this weekend as well, including 3 live deer and 2 dead raccoons. With wildlife on the move and many more busy summer days to come, please be especially careful when you’re traveling the I-90 corridor. And don’t forget to report your wildlife sightings here.

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Black Bear_Washington State Patrol_2012

A black bear killed by a vehicle on I-90 near Hyak, on Memorial Day weekend (2012). Photo: Washington State Patrol

One Response to “Black bear killed near Hyak on Memorial Day weekend”

  1. Alas, so tragic to see! It will be none to soon that Washington gains a new wildlife bridge near Hyak, so bears and deer can successfully cross busy I-90. Go to for more about the first-ever Cascades wildlife bridge.

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