Sad news: cougar struck by vehicle

Several people have informed us that a cougar was struck by a vehicle on I-90 east of North Bend on Thursday evening, August 16. This upsetting incident was apparently witnessed by many motorists, some of whom reportedly slowed or stopped their vehicles to investigate the scene and protect the animal from further trauma. The cougar, which was bleeding from the head, sat dazed in the roadway and was apparently fatally injured. Coincidentally, the collision occurred within a mile or two of a live cougar crossing reported to I-90 Wildlife Watch in July; perhaps this was even the same animal. Regardless, yet another animal has come to a tragic end as it tried to make its way across the I-90 corridor. Although this particular incident occurred west of the wildlife crossing structures being constructed in the Snoqualmie Pass area, these structures will undoubtedly help prevent many such tragedies in the future.

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3 Responses to “Sad news: cougar struck by vehicle”

  1. We clearly need to have the wildlife crossing constructed as soon as is realistically possible so that more tragedies like this one can be averted. Thank you for posting the story so that each of our levels of awareness can be increased.

  2. Hearing this makes me really sad. We passed the scene just as the a highway patrol vehicle had turned their lights on and shined their spotlights on it. I had first thought the animal was just being bold and strutted out there to feed on some roadkill, and it made me happy to see law enforcement *protecting* it. Shows what I know about wildlife. :(

    Anyone know when it died? I hope it didn’t suffer too much.

  3. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for this message–and yes, a very sad story indeed. I appreciate your confirming that a police vehicle did ultimately come to the scene, as no one else who reported the incident on I-90 Wildlife Watch saw such a vehicle when they passed through. I’m now trying to follow-up with the Dept of Fish and Wildlife for final details. I don’t know when the cougar died, but its death sounded imminent. Please report any future wildlife sightings between North Bend and Easton on the I-90 Wildlife Watch website, and help spread the word to your friends! Thanks again. –Paula

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